My Pile Of Sticks or How I Express Myself Using Your Front Yard

Memorial, HWY 25W, TN 2015 © jwl

As I have said before, I am a collector. Especially with Photography. I find subjects or themes and they tend to take over my visual mind. I generally have a few of them in my head, so I am not really going out and finding one thing at a time. I will, however find a great many of singular occurrences of a particular motif.

I've been looking at Roadside Memorials and other such Crosses for years. Lately, however, I have been honing in on them a little more keenly. I think it has a lot to do with living in the South again, they like their religious symbols around here. Dare I say, Iconography or borderline Idols. Such is the idea around my new subset of work, the Found Gods.

 Jesus Saves, HWY 88 NC 2011 © jwl

I am interested in looking at the place where Americans as social beings use Manmade objects to decorate their world and communicate to each other at the same time. All the while using religion and nature as a base for that communication. I'm trying to explore a visual Vernacular where the Found Gods & the Natural World coexist in a Manmade Landscape. I'll have a broader statement about all of this as time goes on, but for now enjoy watching the work unfold.

I know I'm repeating myself. I've briefly discussed some of these ideas before, but I use this blog as a bit of a journal at times. I'm letting an audience know a little more of my process. I encourage feedback. Feel free to comment here or on Facebook.

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