Short & Sweet

 Hand-Painted Car, HWY 62, TN 2015 © jwl

This week's Saturday Drive was literally driven by Eli Johnson. He had a photograph he wanted to make near Knoxville, so he wanted to take a short drive and see what he could do. I said, 'come pick me up' and I tagged along.

Riding shotgun is unfamiliar to me, yet the roads we chose were very familiar. I had taken this route a few times, so I was aware of what I was gonna see. Luckily, Eli's enthusiasm was with us or I wouldn't have made any stops to photograph.

Van, HWY 62, TN 2015 © jwl

Throughout the time I noticed that I was uninspired and in my own head, I tried to work these feelings out. I am noticing the tendency for me to go 'blind' when I get into familiar places. I just stop seeing the art I can make. I will work on this tendency and try to erase it. There is no reason I shouldn't be able to make photographs on my own turf.

These images were made while Eli was working on some other subjects. Lemonade, I'd say. I'm happey with what these images represent in my body of work and I'm happy to have had Eli's energy nearby. Thanks, Bud!

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