Subversive Vernacular

Garage, Utica, Indiana 2015 © jwl

Last weekend Matt Hall took me on a trip to Louisville, Kentucky. It was meant as a multi function trip, an extension of my Bachelor Party (another trip to Memphis took place back in March), time with an old friend and a good weekend for photography. Matt and I haven't been out making photographs together since he took a position at Auburn University back in 2013. Summer Session is about to start up, my cast is off my wrist, I got the film, so let's get out for another Hell Drive!

Our Saturday Drive took us from Louisville to the tri-border of KY, OH & IN along the river. I have taken some loose direction from Robert Adams by driving Along Some Rivers to consider Rivertowns. So that's what we did. Thanks, Bob!

This was a reluctant stop, but entirely worth it now that I have the scan finished. Abstract enough and still full of that American Vernacular that I am looking for.

More posts to come featuring our Hell Drive..... I'll also be going back and adding some commentary to last month's posts soon now that I have my hand out of a cast.

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