Common Ground

 Abandoned Building, Highway 60, Kentucky 2015 © jwl

I met Matt Hall in Knoxville 20 years ago while we were both attending the School of Architecture at the University of Tennessee. Despite our movements around the country and despite our varied disciplines since then, we have maintained a deep friendship based on living creative lives as well as off color remarks.

Barn, Indiana 2015 © Matt Hall

Our personal aesthetics stray from each other from time to time, but we share a love for structure, form & a minimalist approach. On our recent trip to Kentucky and Indiana, we used our common ground and pushed each other to make a good amount of photographs together. Between telling jokes, calling each other names and listening to new music, We found time to make art.

I am going to try and pair up photos that may speak to each other that we made on our trip.

I am already looking forward to Hell Drive III!

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