More From Hell Drive II

 Untitled, Louisville, KY 2015 © jwl

Here are a couple more images that were taken back in May during my trip to Louisville, KY with Matt Hall. Lovingly referred to as HELL DRIVE II.  The common thread with these photos is that we are two photographers in an alley looking at the same subject. How we deal with that subject is up to us and obviously different. While we both have minimal ideas at what to do, the end results have varying degrees of subjective information.

I don't wanna have a class here and analyze what we have created, I simply wanna promote my creative friendship and hopefully show others that Photography isn't always a solo venture. It can be social as well.

Trash Cans © Matt Hall

I wanna take a minute and talk about how this post took so long to be seen.

First off, I don't blog as much as I should. It seems that instagram has taken some of the punch away from this means of communication. If I feel that there is more to say about the images I make, that's when we come here...

Secondly (and more what I need to share), I have several rolls of film moving through cameras at once. Especially in the 35mm cameras. I have cameras loaded and I pick one off the shelf and go to work. Sometimes, it takes years to complete a roll, mostly with 35mm. I just don't shoot it as much with small cameras & I save that format for what I feel are more Pedestrian Moments or better yet Walking Pictures.

Matt was using a digital camera and gave me the files back in May. I got this film developed 2 weeks ago.

I have been considering my format/process choices lately, so I will have more to share on this subject in the next few posts.

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