Small Cameras | Big Power

Umbrella, Knoxville, Tennessee 2016 © jwl w/ Nikon FM

I have a decent collection of small 35mm cameras. I enjoy using them when I go on walks or when I just feel like 'playing' with a camera. I believe that I make different images depending on how the camera works or how it feels to use. I'm also sentimental and a little geeky about my own personal history with the medium, so the cameras mean a lot to me.

I do, however, have the occasional disappointment with 35mm images. Since I have been using Medium Format as well as Digital cameras, the image quality of the 35mm negative just doesn't have the sharpness that I have grown to love. So for a time, I began selling off some of the 35mm machines and decided to stop using that sized film once I was done with what I had in stock. Kind of a shame really, because now I want those cameras back in my life.

 Zebra, Knoxville, Tennessee 2015 © jwl w/ Olympus 35RC

While I have been using the 35mm cameras a lot this past year, I haven't really been processing too much of the film. It has taken a while to finish off a roll and get it processed, so I haven't spent time with the negs.

Lately, I have been scanning and showing some of this 35mm work on instagram exclusively. Since all I have been looking at has been smaller negs, I have begun to See how good the quality is. Sure, it isn't as sharp as a 120 neg or a 24mp raw file, but it is as sharp as it needs to be. More importantly, it has an inherent beauty of it's own.

I have decided to stop being a technical nerd about what I am doing and just DO what I DO, no matter which camera is in my hand. 

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