jw lawson: 50 | 2009 new prints

jw lawson FINE ART is gonna have a party on Gallery Night, January 15th. We are gonna clean up the WAR ROOM, get some snacks together and invite all of you over to see 50 | 2009 new prints. In the spirit of showing new work, I have decided to make prints of my favorite photographs from 2009 only. I made a few photographic trips in the last year and have quite a treasure trove of images to sift through. Included are New York, Louisville, Memphis, as well as my annual trip home to East Tennessee.

Feel free to come by and see the work as well as have a couple of cold ones and some snacks. I’d love be a part of your Gallery Night adventure. Doors will open @ 6pm.


Don’t forget, any and all print sales made through January 31st will be 20% off. If you make a print order from the 50 | 2009 work or something from the website or blog, the print will be discounted. Feel free to call or email to place your order or get your questions answered.


We are also gonna be taking orders for the final 40 copies of SOUTHEASTERN VIEW and the future pressing of WALKING 2008-2009, both books loaded with photographs by jw lawson. So if you are interested in buying a copy for yourself, again, give us a call or email or stop by the studio.

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.aryn kresol. said...

i'll make it a point to stop by if i am in town and well. hope the evening goes marvelously with or without my presence!