More (Milwaukee) Friends I Miss

Stan Stryder & Christian Mistreater , Toledo OH 2002 © jwl

These are a couple more of the images I dug up for the recent re-release of The Mistreaters records.

The above photo is in the downtime of a MKE-NYC tour in Toledo OH. The man on the left is none other than Stan Stryder, my all time favorite co-pilot on the road. Together Stan and I have traveled over 10,000 miles together. It's been a long time, but I would love to go on a trip with him again soon.

On the right is Christian, drummer-supreme for the 'Treaters. I can't say enough good things about that boy. All around good-dude.

Below we have a fun shot from Sleazefest 2002 in NC.

Kevin & Little Rock, Sleazefest, Chapel Hill NC 2002 © jwl

How I came to be @ Sleazefest is kinda round about, but meaningful now. I was touring with and photographing NEW BRUTALISM and decided to head to Chapel Hill to see The Mistreaters rather than go to Atlanta. When I arrived there, I recognized Little Rock (right) sitting in his truck reading the paper. When I asked him if the Mistreaters were around yet, Little Rock (who had never met me) was very polite and decided to get out and hang with us.

Long story Short, we proceded to have one hell of a story filled evening of music, fried chicken and cage girls. In fact, we don't really remember what is happening in this photo, all we know is that Kevin Mistreater loves Little Rock.

Little Rock introduced me to Stan when we got back to Milwaukee and the two of them have been true blue best friends of mine ever since.

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