Chad Pelton | First Friday | January

Clearview 4PM | 2011 © cmp 2011

Come out to Aisle Nine Grocery in the Old City of Knoxville this Friday night. Chad Pelton's photographs will be on display @ Aisle Nine Grocery. As the first (of many) shows that I plan to curate in the store space, I am proud to exhibit work by one of my favorite photographers. Chad is a local Knoxville boy and does a great deal of art making and design work.

Since I closed my Milwaukee gallery in 2008, I have been trying to continue to exhibit artwork by artists that need to be seen. I had a bit of success with the shows that I put on in the WAR ROOM | MKE, as well as some other small deals, but now that I am responsible for the art for Aisle Nine, I think that there will be better exposure for the artists.

Any artists who wanna give it a go on the walls of Aisle Nine, feel free to send me a CV and jpeg samples of the work to be displayed.

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Brandi said...

Sweet blog! I'm just getting into photography..I will be starting a class here in a month. Hope you don't mind I stopped by here.